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Chelated Iron (205A3)
Chelated Iron - Cures and prevents iron deficiency in the Soil


Liquid Fertilizer 16-8-4 (206A3)
Liquid Fertilizer 16-8-4 - Most cost effective general purpose fertilizer High nitrogen for spring and summer application


Liquid Fertilizer 20-2-3 (208A3)
Liquid Fertilizer 20-2-3 - Premium grade primary fertilizer with Controlled released nitrogen


Liquid Fertilizer 4-12-8 (207A3)
Liquid Fertilizer 4-12-8 - For newly seed areas or late season application


Surfactant (214A3)
Surfactant - Increases effectiveness of agricultural chemicals


Total Solutions - Barren (320)
Herbicide. Non-selective, total kill herbicide/soil sterilant with residual action.


Total Solutions - Zap-It RTU Weed Killer (217A4)
ZAP-IT is a non-selective, systemic herbicide that kills the entire plant - roots, stem and leaves. It kills annual and perennial weeds and is ideal for spot weed control around ornamental trees, schrubs and flowers.


Total Solutions - Zap-It Ultimate Weed Killer (218A4)
ZAP-IT ULTIMATE Weed Kill is a concentrated non-selective, systemic herbicide that kills the entire plant - roots, stem and leaves. It kills annual and perennial weeds and is ideal for spot weed control around ornamental trees, schrubs and flowers.


Total Solutions Banish 1.2% Bromacil concentrate (318)
Banish is a water-based, non-selective, total kill herbicide with residual control. It is strong enough to eliminate hard-to-kill weeds, and can be used for special jobs.


Total Solutions Barren Aerosol (8320A)
BARREN AEROSOL Powerful, long-lasting herbicide - Long-lasting residual action - Recommended for use only on non-cropland areas - The degree of control and duration depends on the amount of herbicide applied, soil type, rainfall and other conditions.


Total Solutions Eliminator (204A3)
ELIMINATOR is an aquatic weed and algae killer designed for use in controlling aquatic plants in lakes, ponds and drainage ditches. This non-selective contact herbicide offers no residual action.


Total Solutions Triple Threat For Broadleaf Weeds (216A2)
TRIPLE THREAT combines the ingredients MCPP, 2, 4-D and 2, 4-DP to provide complete broadleaf weed control. This water-dilutable concentrate will not harm desired grasses and turf, making it ideal for golf courses, lawns and parks.


Total Solutions Triple Threat/Aerosol (8363A3)
TRIPLE THREAT FOAMING SELECTIVE HERBICIDE is a ready-to-use herbicide that kills up to 140 different broadleaf weeds. As an aerosol, its special foaming action allows for accurate application without harming desired plants or grasses.


Total Solutions Turf King (212A3)
TURF KING is an emulsifiable, concentrated, total kill herbicide with residual action. It contains 3.73% Prometon and is recommended for use on non-cropland areas only.


Total Solutions Vacate non-selective herbicide (314)
VOC compliant, non-selective herbicide that offers total kill control over a wide variety of annual and perennial weeds and grasses. It also offers residual action, making it the perfect herbicide for long-lasting weed control .


Total Solutions Weed Easy Granular Weed Control (215A3)
Total Solutions Weed Easy Granular Weed Control w/4% Bromacil - Convenient total kill herbicide/soil sterilant


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