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News Detail

5/1/2009 - Swine Flu Prevention (H1N1)

Swine flu can be referred to as “2009-H1N1” (US EPA)

orH1N1Influenza A (World Health Organizatiion)

*Influenza spreads between humans through coughing or sneezing and people touching something with the virus on it and then touching their own nose or mouth. Recommendations to prevent spread of the virus among humans include using standard infection control against influenza.

The CDC recommends you to wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after you cough or sneeze. Alcohol based hand cleaners are also effective.

**A branch chief from the US EPA OPP Antimicrobials Division, Ms. Michelle Wingfield, is recommending the use of any registered product with label claim against Influenza A. A product with an Influenza A label claim can be used against the current H1N1 strain, although a specific claim for “swine flu” cannot be added to the label of the product.

Dawn Chemical has several products that have the Influenza A claim on the label which are listed below, including the General Purpose Disinfectant Wipe which has only a 5 minute contact time! Also available are several ready-to-use and concentrated surface disinfectant liquids as well as an aerosol disinfectant. Dawn offers additional protection to sanitize hands with their hand soaps, an alcohol-based sanitizing gel and wipe.   “H1N1 Influenza A” (World Health Organization)

SURFACE - Available Total Solutions™ Products


HANDS - Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers - Available Total Solutions™ Brand:

Sanitizing Hand Soaps - Available Total Solutions™ Brand:

See label for complete description of claims and instructions for product use.



**Source:”Quat of the Month, April 2009” Stepan Company


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