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12/28/2020 - HERBICIDE SPECIAL - SPRING 2021

Bring in the spring with early season savings from Jan 11th. through June 11th.2021

All orders of 360 gallons or more shipped to one location will be freight allowed.

Click here to learn more about how our herbicides work. 

See these featured products on our home page (or click on the product name below):

  • Total Solutions - ELIMINATOR Herbicide 
    Type: Non-selective contact herbicide - no residual action. Water dilutable concentrate with 1.85% Diquat.

  • Total Solutions - ZAP-IT R-T-U Glyphosate Herbicide
    ZAP-IT is the herbicide for those who need a non-selective spot weed killer around landscaped areas.  It's ideal for eliminating specific weeds that are close to desired flowers, shrubs, bushes and trees.   ZAP-IT kills only those plants that are sprayed.  Because it is a systemic herbicide, it's absorbed by the plant and circulates to all leaves, stems and roots to ensure that no part of the weed will grow back.  In addition, ZAP-IT is neither a soil sterilant nor will it leach.  It becomes inactive as soon as it comes in contact with soil, which allows for quick replanting only seven days after application.

  • Total Solutions - ZAP-IT ULTIMATE Glyphosate Herbicide
    Kills entire plant - root, stems and leaves.  Contains 18% glyphosate for complete control.

  • Total Solutions - BARREN Herbicide
    A powerful, non-selective herbicide designed for use where control of all vegetation is desired. It is also a soil sterilant, offering a total kill with long-lasting residual action, so it is only recommended for non-cropland areas away from residential/recreational areas.

  • Total Solutions - TURF KING Herbicide
    A non-selective, total kill herbicide designed for use where control of all vegetation is desired. Since most of the activity is done through the roots, it is emulsifiable and requires adequate rainfall to move the herbicide into the root zone. It is only recommended for non-cropland areas away from residential/recreational areas, outside of the dripline of trees and away from the roots of desired plants, brush, foliage and trees.

  • Total Solutions - TRIPLE THREAT Herbicide
    Type: Selective herbicide for use on golf courses and ornamental turf areas. Water dilutable concentrate.

  • Total Solutions Vacate VOC Compliant, Non-Selective Herbicide 
    For yearlong residual control.   This is a specially formulated, non-selective herbicide that offers total kill control over a wide variety of annual and perennial weeds and grasses. It also offers residual action, making it the perfect herbicide for long-lasting weed control or as a semisoil sterilant.    Non-Selective Herbicide With Yearlong Residual control:    Non-cropland areas    Railroad rights-of-way  Fence rows     Around buildings    Loading ramps     Storage yards     Industrial sites     Parking lots     Tanks farms

  • Total Solutions Banish 1.2% Bromacil Concentrate Herbicide
    1.2% Bromacil Residual Concentrate.   Banish is a water-based, non-selective, total kill herbicide with residual control. It is strong enough to eliminate hard-to-kill weeds, and can be used for customized jobs. By going to work to destroy the plant from the roots up, Banish provides long-term, full-season root kill.   Non-Selective Herbicide With Yearlong Residual Control:    Railroads Tank Farms Pipelines right-of-ways   Highways Lumber Yards Storage Areas   Fencerows Industrial Site Parking Lots

Important:   To take advantage of our special spring discount and freight allowance, we must receive full payment within 30 days of the date of shipment.  Deduct freight from invoice when paying within terms.


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