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Foaming Lemon Scented Disinfectant Cleaner (8422)
Foaming Lemon Scented Cleaner/Disinfectant disinfects, cleans and deodorizes hard surfaces. It kills harmful microbes including bacteria, fungi and HIV-1.


Total Green Neutra-Kleen (179)
For use on hard nonporous, inanimate surfaces -Controls the development of mold and mildew fungi -Effective virucidal, fungicidal, anti-microbial, bactericidal and germicidal -Neutral pH allows for use on multiple material


Total Solutions Conquer TBD Disinfectant (166)
CONQUER TBD is a ready-to-use quat tuberculocidal designed to be used as a general non-acid cleaner and disinfectant


Total Solutions Hospital Surface Disinfectant (8421)
HOSPITAL SURFACE DISINFECTANT is a handy aerosol that kills germs, bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew from hard surfaces. It can also disinfect non-porous surfaces like athletic shoes and wrestling mats.


Total Solutions Lemocide 4.5% dual quat,1:64 (173)
LEMOCIDE is a concentrated lemon-scented liquid disinfectant and deodorizer that features a phosphate-free cleaning


Total Solutions SPEC4 Disinfectant Wipes (1567)
SPEC4 Disinfectant Wipes contain a hospital-grade quat-based formula. They are bleach-free, alcohol-free, and non-staining. Disinfects hard, non-porous surfaces in just 4 minutes, sanitizes in only 15 seconds.


Total Solutions Surface Sanitizing Spray (169)
Surface Sanitizing Spray is designed for use in industrial kitchens, food processing plants and other areas where sanitization of food contact surfaces is of prime importance.


Total Solutions Surface Sanitizing Wipe (1566)
Surface Sanitizing Wipes are non-woven and pre-saturated with a versatile broad-spectrum sanitizer that has multiple uses on a wide variety of surfaces.


Total Solutions Vanquish (175)
Vanquish 5.5% multiple quat EPA approved Hepatitis B Virucide meets requirements of health care, food prep. and laundering facilities.


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