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All Natural Orange Floating Lift Station Degreaser (301A)
All Natural Orange Floating Lift Station Degreaser dissolves grease and fats and neutralizes odors in lift stations. Plus, the d-limonene-based formula will not disrupt the natural bacterial action in sewage treatment operations.


Bio-Flow Block-Slow Dissolving Bacterial Block (522)
Bio-Flow Block Eliminates need for metering pump- no initial or maintenance cost -Eliminates need for personnel to dose other types of treatments daily or weekly -Automates waste water system.


Digestase SDE 340 Sewage Digestant (510)
DIGESTASE SDE 340 is a bacterial digestant specially formulated for sewage treatment plants and industrial wastewater treatment facilities.


Pure EZ Lift Station Degreaser (701)
EZ LIFT lift station degreaser uses a special non-emulsifying formula to keep lift station surfaces free of grease accumulations as water levels rise and fall.


Setting Agent (310A3)
Setting Agent - Cationic polymer flocculent


Sewer Anti-Foam Concentrate (311A3)
Sewer Anti-Foam Concentrate - uses a non-polluting, water-based formula to control foaming in treatment plants and sewers.


Sewer Sweetener Lemon & Cherry (312A3)
Sewer Sweetener is a water-based odor controller designed for use in sewage plants, mains and laterals. It will not affect natural bacterial action.


Sewer Tracing Dye (313A3)
SEWER TRACING DYE is a highly concentrated, fluorescent yellow/green dye formulated for use in all types of sewer flow studies and pollution investigations.


Silt & Sand Flush (380)
SILT & SAND FLUSH removes mud, silt and sand from storm and sanitary sewers to keep them free-flowing and clear of deposits.


Total Soltions Enviro-Caustic Drain Opener (253)
New & Improved Enviro-Caustic™ Drain Opener is a true breakthrough in drain opener technology. With a pH of 13 and caustic formulation, this fast-acting product offers the performance of traditional caustic drain openers.


Total Solutions Bio-Action Drain Opener (528)
BIO-ACTION™ is a non-caustic, non-acidic drain opener, maintainer and build-up remover. It uses multicultured bacteria and free enzymes to keep drains free-flowing and also prevents future clogs and build-ups.


Total Solutions Drain Away - Drain Opener (305A3)
DRAIN AWAY is a fast-acting, ready-to-use caustic drain and sewer opener capable of dissolving and liquifying fats, oils, hair, paper and other organic matter.


Total Solutions Orange Drain Cleaner (309D3)
Orange Drain Cleaner blends d-limonene, grease-stripping solvents and emulsifying agents to keep drains clear of obstructions and clogs. It's the safe alternative to hazardous acids or caustic drain cleaners.


Total Solutions Super High Heat Sewer Compound (321A4)
Super High Heat Sewer Compound W/Aluminum Needles - Super strength granular drain opener


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