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Chisel Heavy duty concentrated stripper (1716)
CHISEL is a heavy-duty rinse-free liquid floor stripper that takes off old layers of finish without machine scrubbing.


Clear Attractions Water based dust mop treatment (1722)
CLEAR ATTRACTIONS is a water-based dust mop treatment that traps dust and dirt in mop fibers to speed up dusting operations.


Clear Cut Non-ammoniated stripper (1718)
CLEAR CUT is a non-ammoniated liquid stripper that offers fast removal of acrylic, synthetic and wax floor finishes.


Concrete Cleaner & Etch Hydrochloric acid (140)
CONCRETE CLEANER & ETCH uses the power of muriatic acid to clean, etch and whiten concrete, brick and masonry.


Concrete Seal Permanent epoxy resin (124)
CONCRETE SEAL is formulated with epoxy ester resins to give concrete surfaces resistance to oils, chemicals and abrasions.


Crystal 16% Solids,durable metal cross-linked (1704)
CRYSTAL is a versatile acrylic floor finish that offers excellent gloss, durability and repair ability in just one easy-to-use finish.


Crystal Image Spray buff-snaps finishes back (1714)
CRYSTAL IMAGE is a spray-on gloss restorer that brings floor finishes by removing scuff marks, scratches and stains easily with a buffing machine.


Dazzle 22% Solids,high gloss floor finish (1702)
DAZZLE is a high-gloss liquid floor finish that uses a combination of reactive synthetic polymers in its formula that withstands frequent burnishing.


Diamond Terrazzo finish & sealer (1720)
DIAMOND is a water-based urethane finish and sealer specifically designed for maximum adherence to terrazzo and other porous stone flooring.


Excel Neutral cleaner concentrate (1708)
EXCEL is a concentrated liquid floor cleaner with a neutral pH formula that cleans without dulling the existing floor


First Reflections 14% Solids,sealer coat (1710)
FIRST REFLECTIONS is a long-lasting floor sealer and under coater specially formulated to enhance the appearance of resilient flooring.


Floor Neutralizer Neutralizes stripper residues (710A)
FLOOR NEUTRALIZER is a concentrated liquid that removes the alkaline residues of detergents, strippers and ice-melting products from floors and carpets.


High Glow Damp mop neutral cleaner (115A)
HIGH GLOW is a neutral-pH floor cleaner designed for regular damp mopping of floors finished with natural wax or synthetic finishes.


Jewel 20% Solids,Sheen low maintenance (1706)
JEWEL is a high performance, low maintenance floor finish formulated with a unique polymer beland for superior toughness and durability.


Lustre Restorer Burnishable finish restorer/clean (1712)
LUSTRE RESTORER is a liquid gloss floor restorer and cleaner formulated to enhance the appearance of resilient flooring.


Total Green Neutra-Kleen (179)
For use on hard nonporous, inanimate surfaces -Controls the development of mold and mildew fungi -Effective virucidal, fungicidal, anti-microbial, bactericidal and germicidal -Neutral pH allows for use on multiple material


Total Solutions Baseboard Stripper & Cleaner (8177)
BASEBOARD STRIPPER & CLEANER features a gel formula that removes excess floor finish and wax from baseboards, door frames and trim.


Total Solutions Bio-Tread Neutral Cleaner (526)
Bio Tread is for use in multiple applications such as concrete, quarry tile, ceramic tile, or any grouted floor surface.


Total Solutions Citra Crystals Powder (665)
Citra Crystals is a concentrated, powdered cleaner and degreaser that when mixed with water penetrates quickly to remove grease and grime from concrete and other hard surfaces.


Total Solutions Oil Stain-Sorb (159)
Stain-Sorb is a unique liquid stain absorbent and remover. It is highly effective against hydrocarbon-based oils, greases, BBQ grill stains, silicone oils from tire dressings, and other stains. It is ideal for use on asphalt, concrete, paving stones.


Total Solutions Salt Rinse Removes white residue (710)
SALT RINSE is an ice melt rinse aid that neutralizes the corrosive film left behind by ice melting chemicals. It helps to remove the chalky residue left behind on carpets and floors without discoloring or harming the surface.


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