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Automatic Liquid Detergent (224R)
AUTOMATIC LIQUID is a concentrated detergent enhanced with 1% chlorine that features a low-foaming formula ideal for use in automatic glass washing machines.


Automatic Powder Detergent (664R)
AUTOMATIC POWDER is a heavy-duty detergent formulated with 1% chlorine that is designed for use in automated glass washing machines


Clean & Thaw Cleans freezers & meat lockers (428)
CLEAN & THAW is a ready-to-use degreaser designed to offer cleaning and deicing capabilities for cold-storage areas, freezers and meat lockers.


Creme Cleanser mild abrasive cleanser (164)
CREME CLEANSER is a highly viscous, mild abrasive cleanser designed to remove stains from a variety of surfaces including tile, formica, porcelain and more. It rinses completely and will not leave behind a film or residue.


Gel Oven & Bar-B-Que Cleaner (423)
GEL OVEN & BAR-B-QUE CLEANER is a concentrated degreaser that removes carbon deposits, baked-on food and other stubborn soils from ovens , fryers, bakeware and grills.


Grease Cutter Heavy butyl cleaner (426)
GREASE CUTTER is a concentrated heavy-duty butyl cleaner capable of stripping away grease, fats, oils and carbon deposits from commercial and industrial kitchens.


MR2 Mineral Residue Remover (210)
MR2 removes mineral deposits and hard-water residues from surfaces like glass, porcelain and tile with very little effort. This strong, powdered cleanser also removes soap scum, aluminum screen stains and rust.


Multi-Purpose Protective Coating (295)
MULTI-PURPOSE PROTECTIVE COATING is a water-based liquid coating that cleans, shines and protects a wide variety of hard surfaces in the home, bath or kitchen.


O So Clean Oxygen-Based Cleaner (667)
O SO CLEAN is an oxygen-based multipurpose powdered cleaner that removes stains and odors from virtually any surface and material.


OGS Oven,Grill & Smokehouse Cleaner (427)
OGS is a concentrated foaming cleaner and degreaser designed for use on ovens, fryers, grills, smokehouses and meat curing equipment.


Pot & Pan Hand Dishwashing Concentrate (222)
POT & PAN is a heavy-duty detergent used to soften and remove heavy grease and dried-on food from cookware and kitchenware.


Rinse Aid For spot free dishes (473)
RINSE AID is a concentrated additive that eliminates spotting and soap scum accumulations on dishes in all types of dishwashing operations.


Total Solutions Bio-Flow Grease Trap Maintainer (543)
BIO-FLOW is a complete grease trap maintenance system. Fast-acting bacteria keep drain lines free from clogs to reduce pump-out frequency and maintenance costs.


Total Solutions Bio-Tread Neutral Cleaner (526)
Bio Tread is for use in multiple applications such as concrete, quarry tile, ceramic tile, or any grouted floor surface.


Total Solutions Chlorinated Foamimg Cleaner (690)
CHLORINATED FOAMING CLEANER is a high-foaming concentrated bleach cleaner that offers maximum grease and stain cutting power.


Total Solutions Drain Away - Drain Opener (305A3)
DRAIN AWAY is a fast-acting, ready-to-use caustic drain and sewer opener capable of dissolving and liquifying fats, oils, hair, paper and other organic matter.


TOTAL SOLUTIONS E2 Foaming Hand Soap (271)
E2 Foaming Hand Soap is for use in the food processing industries, hotels, airports, schools, hospitals and nursing homes where stringent regulations and health standards are of the utmost importance.


Total Solutions Orange Drain Cleaner (309D3)
Orange Drain Cleaner blends d-limonene, grease-stripping solvents and emulsifying agents to keep drains clear of obstructions and clogs. It's the safe alternative to hazardous acids or caustic drain cleaners.


Total Solutions Surface Sanitizing Wipe (1566)
Surface Sanitizing Wipes are non-woven and pre-saturated with a versatile broad-spectrum sanitizer that has multiple uses on a wide variety of surfaces.


Total Soutions Oven Cleaner (147A3)
OVEN CLEANER uses a thick, gel formula to cut through baked-on food and grime on ovens, grills and cooking utensils. It works in both warm and cold ovens.


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