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Bio-Flow Block-Slow Dissolving Bacterial Block (522)
Bio-Flow Block Eliminates need for metering pump- no initial or maintenance cost -Eliminates need for personnel to dose other types of treatments daily or weekly -Automates waste water system.


Bio-Paks Water-Soluble, Bioremediation Packets (502PK)
BIO-PAKS are water-soluble, bioremediation packets filled with powerful waste-digesting bacteria. These easy-to-use packets dissolve quickly and help you avoid inaccurate measuring or messy mixing.


Compost Digestant-Blend of Bacterial & Fungal (520)
COMPOST DIGESTANT quickly breaks down yard waste like grass, leaves, weeds and wood chips into a beneficial compost. It also eliminates the odors associated with these wastes.


Digestase APD 900 All Purpose Digestant (502)
DIGESTASE APD 900 is an all-purpose baterial digestant that provides continuous cleaning action in septic systems, sewage lagoons and other waste-disposal systems.


Digestase FDE 750 Farm & Lagoon Digestant (516)
DIGESTASE FDE 750 is a bacterial digestant used in farm animal manure pits, lagoons, feed lots and pens.


Digestase GTD 655 Grease Trap Digestant (511)
DIGESTASE GTD 655 is a bacterial digestant designed to remove grease accumulations from grease traps and grease-trap plumbing. Regular use will prevent clogs and back-ups and reduce the need for pump outs.


Digestase KFP 585 Kitchen & Food Processing (515)
DIGESTASE KFP 585 is a bacterial digestant specially designed for use in kitchens and food processing facilities. It quickly digests grease, fats and plant fiber wastes that create drain blockages and odors.


Digestase SDE 340 Sewage Digestant (510)
DIGESTASE SDE 340 is a bacterial digestant specially formulated for sewage treatment plants and industrial wastewater treatment facilities.


Liquidase 250 All-purpose liquid digestant (534)
LIQUIDASE 250 provides the fastest action available in a liquid digestant for drains, grease traps and septic systems. Regular use keeps plumbing lines and septic systems operating properly.


Live Micro 535 Destroys & Controls Odors (535)
LIVE MICRO 535 destroys odors at the source with a special combination of multicultured bacteria. It provides effective odor control on hard surfaces and carpeting.


Pail Pump Dispenser For Liquid Digestants (9154)
Pail Pump Dispenser For Dispensing Liquid Digestants into Grease Traps.


Total Solutions Bio-Action Drain Opener (528)
BIO-ACTION™ is a non-caustic, non-acidic drain opener, maintainer and build-up remover. It uses multicultured bacteria and free enzymes to keep drains free-flowing and also prevents future clogs and build-ups.


Total Solutions Bio-Blast HCB Consumes odors (527)
BIO-BLAST HBC contains a unique blend of spore-forming bacillus strains to speed up the digestion of sludge and solids in reclamation pits while it reduces odors.


Total Solutions Bio-Flow Grease Trap Maintainer (543)
BIO-FLOW is a complete grease trap maintenance system. Fast-acting bacteria keep drain lines free from clogs to reduce pump-out frequency and maintenance costs.


Total Solutions Bio-Max OC Odor Counteractant (542)
BIO-MAX OC is a triple-action, all-purpose rest room cleaner fortified with a special odor counteractant. It cleans, deodorizes and also cleans hair deposits and other organic material in drains with added bacteria and enzymes.


Total Solutions Bio-Tread Neutral Cleaner (526)
Bio Tread is for use in multiple applications such as concrete, quarry tile, ceramic tile, or any grouted floor surface.


Total Solutions Royal Flush (530)
ROYAL FLUSH is a liquid digestant that controls wastes and keeps portable toilets and holding tanks odor-free during periods of heavy use.


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