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Aluminum Transmission & Engine Cleaner (663)
Aluminum Transmission & Engine Cleaner is a concentrated, soluble powder designed to function at elevated temperatures. It cleans and strips away oil, grease and other deposits from transmissions, radiators, and metal parts without foaming problems.


db Solvent HF-165,parts washer solvent (387)
dB SOLVENT HF-165 is a high flash industrial degreaser that quickly penetrates and dissolves tough grease, oil and tar deposits.


Tire & Wheel Cleaner (413)
TIRE & WHEEL CLEANER is a water-based cleaner used to remove dirt, tar and road grime from a wide variety of wheels and tires without scrubbing.


Total Solutions A-R Aluminum & Coil Cleaner (104)
This heavy-duty acid replacement product has the performance of Hydrofluoric and Sulfuric acids with a pH of less than 1, but is non-corrosive to skin, making it a far safer alternative.


Total Solutions Aluminun Cleaner & Brightener (103)
ALUMINUM CLEANER & BRIGHTENER uses a heavy-duty formula to remove corrosion and oxidation from aluminum surfaces.


Total Solutions Car / Truck Wash & Wax (120)
Car / Truck Wash & Wax - Restores luster to finish with easy one-step application Dries spotless and film-free with glossy waxed finish


Total Solutions Car Shampoo (122)
CAR SHAMPOO is a high-foaming detergent concentrate designed for use in machine washers and foam brushes.


Total Solutions Diesel Anti Gel (613A2)
Diesel Anti Gel - Reduces pour point - Inhibits gelling - Stabilizes Fuel


Total Solutions Diesel Clean (605A3)
Diesel Clean - Reduces emissions - Stabilizes fuel - Prolongs engine life


Total Solutions Dissolve-All/Engine Degreaser (156)
Dissolve-All is a ready-to-use liquid solvent that dissolves oil and grease from machinery, equipment and vehicles.


Total Solutions Fuel Aid Plus (609A3)
Fuel Aid Plus - Multi functional additive for gasoline and diesel fuel


Total Solutions Hot Wax Concentrate (121)
HOT WAX CONCENTRATE is a beading agent developed for use in commercial automatic car and truck washes.


Total Solutions Powdered Car Wash (668)
CAR WASH is a concentrated powdered detergent that features a high-sudsing formula to remove road film, tar and other soils.


Total Solutions Protect All (293)
PROTECT ALL is a ready-to-use silicone emulsion treatment used to protect a wide variety of hard surfaces against cracking, fading and aging.


Total Solutions Quick Dry Solvent Cleaner (1384)
Quick Dry Solvent Cleaner is a versatile solvent for industrial, maintenance shops and vehicle service station applications. This ready-to-use, fast-drying solvent is ideal for applications that require superior degreasing ability.


Total Solutions Quick Dry Solvent Cleaner (8384)
Quick Dry Solvent Cleaner is a versatile solvent with many applications in industry, maintenance shops and vehicle service stations.


Total Solutions RP-7 Automotive Cleaner,Polish (119)
RP-7 is a citrus-based automotive cleaner, polish and sealant that protects vehicles from the damaging effects of sun, wind and rain.


Total Solutions Tire Dressing (290)
TIRE DRESSING is a water-based silicone protectant used on all types of rubber to prevent cracking, fading and deterioration.


Truck Wash (430)
TRUCK WASH is a concentrated detergent formulated for use in high-pressure washing equipment to clean soils, road tar and grime from trucks and large vehicles.


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