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1.Total Solutions Eliminator™ NW
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Liquid Ice Melt (903A2)
LIQUID ICE MELT uses a non-corrosive liquid formula penetrates quickly to dissolve frost, snow and ice accumulations from a wide variety of surfaces. It will immediately melt existing ice and snow without harming grasses and shrubs.


Orange Away/Orange Degreaser (603D3)
Orange Degreaser All Natural USDA - Powerful emulsifiable degreaser


Snow Plow Coating (708A3)
Snow Plow Coating - Reduces friction for more efficient plowing Protective silicone shield prevents rust and corrosion


Total Solutions - Barren (320)
Herbicide. Non-selective, total kill herbicide/soil sterilant with residual action.


Total Solutions Demise Fire Ant and Insect Killer (804A4)
Demise - Fire Ant and Insect Killer 1% Pyrethrin/60% silicon dehydrator


Total Solutions Facility Wipes (1574A15)
FACILITY WIPES are wipes fortified with a mild combination of quaternary cleaners that allow you to clean and deodorize your entire facility with one product.


Total Solutions Graffiti Wipes (1447)
GRAFFITI WIPES/Towels are premoistened with a powerful cleaning formula that does not contain amyl acetate or methylene chloride, making them safer to use that traditional graffiti removal products.el


Total Solutions Green Fire Ice Melter - Ice Melter (908A4)
GREEN FIRE is a granular ice melter enhanced with a green color indicator to prevent overapplication and waste. It works in temperatures below 0-degrees Fahrenheit and will not harm concrete, asphalt or the surrounding plants and soil.


Total Solutions Hand Sanitizing Wipes (1448A4)
Hand Sanitizing Wipes kill 99.9% of germs in seconds. They prevent cross-contamination while they sanitize and are more convenient and easier to use than traditional hand washing with soap and water.


Total Solutions Multi-Purpose Hand Towel/Turbo (1539)
Multi-Purpose Hand Towels are premoistened with a high-powered, multipurpose, grease-cutting formula that lifts away tar, adhesives, wax, ink, paint and lubricants from hands and other non-porous surfaces.


Total Solutions Stainless Steel Cleaner Wipes (1549A)
Stainless Steel Cleaner Wipes clean, polish and protect stainless steel surfaces in one easy step. Each wipe is premoistened with a citrus-based formula that removes grease, grime, smudges, fingerprints and watermarks.


Total Solutions Turf King (212A3)
TURF KING is an emulsifiable, concentrated, total kill herbicide with residual action. It contains 3.73% Prometon and is recommended for use on non-cropland areas only.


Total Solutions Weed Easy Granular Weed Control (215A3)
Total Solutions Weed Easy Granular Weed Control w/4% Bromacil - Convenient total kill herbicide/soil sterilant


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